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Bouddhisme au féminin - Partageons nos aspirations, nos questionnements, nos compréhensions




Sakyadhita international association of buddhist women
13th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women Vaishali, (Bihar) India, 2013 January 5-12


Women of India
"Women in Early Buddhism: Combining Household and Religious Virtues" Princy Merlin Peiris
"Does the Abhibhuyha Sutta Tarnish The Esteem Of Women Depicted In the Matugama Samyutta?" Vijitha Kumar a
"Examining the Date of Mahapajapati's Ordination Examining the Date of Mahapajapati's Ordination" Kustiani
"The Glorious Women of Rajagriha" Bela Bhattacharya
"Ambedkar's Perspective on Women in Indian Society: Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar" Thich Nu Nhu Nguyet

Buddhist Women of the World
"Women in Buddhism at the Grassroots in Australia" Anna Halafoff
"Voice of Freedom in Bhutan: Reclaiming Lost Feminist Voices in Vajrayana Buddhism" Sonam Wangmo (Tenzin Dadon)
"The Current Status of Buddhist Social Engagement in South Korea" Yoon Sun Lee
"Than Hsiang Kindergarten: A Case Study" Zhen Yuan Shi
"Localization and Globlization: The Experience of One Taiwanese Bhikkhuni" Chueming Shih

Cultivating Confidence: Self-Esteem, Self-Promotion & No-Self
"Roles and Approaches of Buddhist Women in the Present and Future" Thick Nu KhietMinh
"Self-Esteem, Self-Promotion and Not-Self " Darcie Price-Wallace
"Identity and Samsara" Hsiao-Lan Hu
"Is a Woman a 'Person' According to the Pudgalavada?" Asha Mukherjee

Silence in a Noisy World
"Becoming a Modern Female Chan 'Master'" Chang Shen Shih
"Enacting Female Buddhist Roles through Vipassana Meditation Centers" Brooke Schedneck
"Working Meditation: Female Buddhist Immigrants' Path to Liberation" Shuman Chen

Buddhism at the Grassroots: Documenting Women's Stories
"Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna and the Significance of Her Discourse" Bhikkhu Beligalle Dhammajoti
"Beyond Text: Rebirth Narratives of Model Women in Buddhism" Juyarn Tsai
"Buddhist Nuns of Bhutan" Marie Veno Thesbjerg
"Compassion in Action: The Story of a Taiwanese Woman Who Helped Build a Village in Myanmar" Wei-yi Cheng

Life as a Buddhist Lay woman: What Are My Roles?
"Finding Space for Upasikas in the Annals of Ancient Indian Buddhism: Inscriptional Evidence of Lay Female Devotees" Rupali Mokashi
"Lay Buddhist Women in Buryatia" Zhargal Ayakova and Luda Dondokova
"We Love Our Nuns!" Reflections on Lay-Monastic Relations in Sri Lanka" Susanne Mrozik
"Buddhists in the World: The Lay Meditation Movement in Contemporary Korea" Port Park
Bhikkhuni Revolution: The Future of the Transnational Bhikkhuni Movement
"The Transnational Bhikkhuni Movement" Vinita Agrawal
"Ordained Buddhist Women in Britain: Tradition, Gender Equality and Empowerment" Caroline Starkey
"The Sri Lankan Contribution for the Development of the Bhikkkhuni Order" Bhikkhu Gonadeniye Pannarathana
Is There a Feminine Dhamma? Voices, Forms & Expressions
"The Good Girl Syndrome, Feminism, and Being an Authentic Practitioner" Adrienne Cochran
"Raicho Hiratsuka and 'New Women and Zen' by D. T. Suzuki: One Aspect of the Women's Liberation Movement in Japan" Akemi Iwamoto
"Transforming Religions' Negative and Limiting Views of Women and Other Groups with Psychological and Social Research" Allison Goodwin
"Growing with Sakyadhita: The Past, Present, and Future of the Daughters of the Buddha" Christie Yuling Chang

Buddhism & Social Justice
"Being Good or Doing Good? Buddhist Ethics and Social Justice" Karma Lekshe Tsomo
"From Mercy to Justice: The Animal Protection Movement of Buddhist Female Monastics in Contemporary Taiwan" Chuan-fa Shih
"The Council of Europe's Investigation on Religious and Cultural Relativism: A Menace for the Human Rights of Women?" Gabriela Frey
"Do Buddhists Preserve Women's Rights? The Case of Sri Lanka" Sanjeewani Rupasinghe

Learning & Leadership
"Learning Buddhism through the Media in Bangladesh: Recent Trends" Rashida Akter
"Enlightened Education: Tve Basis for Self-Transformation" Sheng Ying Shi
"Qualities and Skills of Effective Leadership" Angie Chew Monksfield
"Across Cultures Toward a Common Goal: Monastic Education for Women" Seon Joon Sunim (Amanda Ruth Young)
"Contemporary Education of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns" Padma 'tsho

Women & Buddhism: Critical Reflections
"Working with Obstacles: Is Female Rebirth an Obstacle?" RitaM. Gross
"Buddhadhamma and Discipline in the Borderlands: Is it Possible to Truly Represent the Buddha in the Modern World?" Sarani Karuna
"Buddha's Lone Rangers: Vajrayana Buddhist Nuns of Contemporary Suvarnabhumi" Karma Tashi Choedron
"Buddhism and Ageing: In Praise of Old Age" Tenzin Palmo

Women Changing Buddhism
"Inner and Outer Journey: Monastic Women Create Their Own Institutions and Call on the Earth to Witness an Urgent Need for Change" Bhikkhuni Santacitta
"The Current Status of Buddhist Social Engagement in South Korea" Yoon Sun Lee
"Investing in Nuns to be 'Agents of Social Change' in Bhutan" Tashi Zangmo
"Gender Equality among Buddhist Clerics in Won Buddhism of Korea" Seongjun Lee

"Strategies for Combating Global Climate Change in Our Diverse Communities: The Work of Joanna Macy" Ashley Pryor

Buddhist Women and Leadership
"Manipulator or Bodhisattva? Proper Intentions" Carol Winkelmann & Hsiao-Lan Hu
"Brahmavihara Plus: Emotional and/or Introvert Leadership Styles" Diana Ingalls-Farrell, Carol Winkelmann & Hsiao-Lan Hu
"Without Obstructions, There is No Fear: On Fear and Fearlessness" Susmita Barua
"Leaders as Spiritual Friends (kalydna mitra)" Elise DeVido
"Contributions of Lay Buddhists to Propagating Dhamma, Past and Present" Bhikkhu Panahaduwe Yasassi Thera
"Chan Meditation: Peace in Moving and Sitting, Consistency in Mind and Body" Guo Jing Shih
"Founding an Institute for Buddhist Education" Guo Jing Shih
"Buddhist Picture Books in Taiwan" Juyarn Tsai
"Buddhists and Animal Welfare on Pilgrimage: How to Make a Difference During Your Spiritual Journey" Karma Tashi Choedron and Sonam Wangmo
"Buddhist Women and Polygamy" Kustiani
"What's in Your Bowl? Nourishing Ourselves and Others Mindfully" Lulu Garrett Cook
"Capturing the Lives of Nuns: A Photo Workshop" Marie Veno Thesbjerg
"The Intersections of Race, Gender, and Buddhism" Mary Grace Lentz and Cheryl Harrison
"Wendo: Feminist Self-defense" NivesBercht
"Developing Family Enterprises as a Path to Compassionate Community Sustainability" Bhikkhuni Pannavati-Karuna
"The Healing Power of Beauty in a Tranquil Cup of Tea" Paula Arai
"Children's Workshop Prema Dasara
"White Tara Workshop" Prema Dasara
"Tara Workshop" Prema Dasara
"English Language Proficiency through Buddhism and Buddhist Art: Bhikkhunis as Global Propagators of Dhamma" R. M. Rathnasiri
"Dharma and Animals" Rotraut (Jampa) Wurst
Rapping for Generations Rotraut (Jampa) Wurst
Buddhism and LGBTQ Rotraut (Jampa) Wurst
"Overcoming Internalized Views: A Journey to Wholeness" Santacitta Bhikkhuni and Jill Boone
"Taming the Tiger: Emotional Balance For Children through Meditation" Shari Gent
"Using Creative Mindfulness to Transform The Energy of Afflictive Emotions: From Weakness to Power and Wisdom" Susmita Barua
"Renunciation as Pedagogy" Vanessa Sasson and Amy Langenberg
Sanskrit Buddhist Sutra Chanting Vidya Rao
"Using Buddhist Psychology to Enhance Bhikkhuni Education" Wasantha Priyadarshana






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